1. Hylomorphism
  2. Scripture
  3. Numbers


1:1-54 First Census of Israel
2:1-34 Order of Encampment and Marching
3:1-4 Sons of Aaron
3:5- 13 Duties of the Levites
3:14-39 Census of the Levites
3:40-51 Redemption of the First-born
4:1-20 Kohathites
4:21-33 Gershonites and Merarites
4:34-49 Census of the Levites
5:1-4 Unclean Persons
5:5-10 Confession and Restitution
5:11-31 Unfaithful Wife or Jealous Husband
6:1-21 Nazirites
6:22-27 Priestly Benediction
7:1-89 Offerings of the Leaders
8:1-4 Seven Lamps
8:5-26 Levites’ Consecration and Service
9:1-14 Passover Kept at Sinai
9:15-23 Cloud and the Fire
10:1-10 Silver Trumpets
10:11-36 Departure from Sinai
11:1-15 Complaining in the Desert
11:16-30 Seventy Elders
11:31-35 Quails
12:1-16 Aaron and Miriam Speak against Moses
13:1-33 Spies Sent into Canaan
14:1-12 People Rebel
14:13-25 Moses Intercedes for the People
14:26-45 God’s Punishment of the Disobedient
15:1-31 Various Offerings
15:32-36 Punishment for Violating the Sabbath
15:37-41 Tassels on Garments
16:1-19 Revolt of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram
16:20-40 Korah, Dathan, and Abiram Are Punished
16:41-50 Plague Strikes the Rebels
17:1-13 Blossoming of Aaron’s Rod
18:1-7 Duties of Priests and Levites
18:8-32 Priest’s Portion
19:1-10 Ceremony of the Red Heifer
19:11-22 Laws concerning the Dead
20:1-13 Waters of Meribah
20:14-21 Passage through Edom Refused
20:22-29 Death of Aaron
21:1-9 Bronze Serpent
21:10-20 Journey to Moab
21:21-30 Sihon the King of the Amorities Defeated
21:31-35 Og the King of Bashan Defeated
22:1-20 Balak Summons Balaam
22:21-40 Balaam, His Donkey, and the Angel
22:41—23:12 Balaam’s First Oracle
23:13-30 Balaam’s Second Oracle
24:1-9 Balaam’s Third Oracle
24:10-25 Balaam’s Fourth Oracle
25:1-18 Worship of Baal of Peor
26:1-65 Another Census of Israel
27:1-11 Daughters of Zelophehad
27:12-23 Joshua Appointed Moses’ Successor
28:1-8 Daily Offerings
28:9-10 Sabbath Offerings
28:11-15 Monthly Offerings
28:16-25 Offerings at Passover
28:26-31 Offerings at the Feast of Weeks
29:1-6 Offerings at the Feast of Trumpets
29:7-11 Offerings on the Day of Atonement
29:12-40 Offerings at the Feast of Booths
30:1-16 Keeping of Vows
31:1-12 War against Midian
31:13-24 Return from the War
31:25-54 Division of the Booty
32:1-42 Conquest and Division of the Trans-Jordan Lands
33:1-49 Stages of Israel’s Journey from Egypt
33:50-56 Instructions for the Conquest of Canaan
34:1-15 Boundaries of the Land of Canaan
34:16-29 Tribal Leaders
35:1-8 Cities for the Levites
35:9-15 Cities of Refuge
35:16-34 Concerning Murder and Revenge
36:1-13 Concerning Married Women’s Inheritance

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