1. Hylomorphism
  2. Scripture
  3. Deuteronomy


1:1-8 Events at Horeb Recalled
1:9-18 Appointment of Heads of the Tribes
1:19-33 Israel’s Refusal to Enter the Land
1:34-46 Punishment for Israel’s Rebellion
2:1-25 Years in the Wilderness
2:26-37 Defeat of Sihon the King of Heshbon
3:1-22 Defeat of Og the King of Bashan
3:23-29 Moses Views Canaan from Pisgah
4:1-40 Moses Commands Obedience to God
4:41-43 Cities of Refuge East of the Jordan
4:44-49 Moses Sets Forth the Law
5:1-21 Ten Commandments
5:22-33 Moses the Mediator of God’s Will
6:1-9 Great Commandment
6:10-25 Caution against Disobedience
7:1-11 Chosen People
7:12-26 Blessing for Obedience
8:1-20 Warning Not to Forget God
9:1-29 Consequences of Rebelling against God
10:1-11 Second Pair of Stone Tables
10:12-22 Essence of the Law
11:1-32 Rewards for Obedience
12:1-14 Pagan Shrines to be Destroyed
12:15-28 Concerning Eating
12:29—13:18 Warning against Idolatry
14:1-21 Pagan Practices Forbidden
14:22-29 Regulations concerning Tithes
15:1-18 Concerning the Sabbatical Year
15:19-23 Regulations concerning Livestock
16:1-8 Keeping the Passover
16:9-12 Keeping the Feast of Weeks
16:13-17 Keeping the Feast of Booths
16:18-20 Appointing Judges and Officers
16:21—17:7 Forbidden Forms of Worship
17:8-13 Legal Decisions by Priests and Judges
17:14-20 Limitations of Royal Authority
18:1-8 Privileges of Priests and Levites
18:9-22 Abominable Practices Prohibited
19:1-13 Cities of Refuge
19:14 Concerning Landmarks
19:15-21 Concerning Witnesses
20:1-20 Concerning Warfare
21:1-9 Concerning the Slain
21:10-14 Women Taken Captive
21:15-17 Right of the First-born Son
21:18-21 Rebellious Sons
21:22—22:12 Miscellaneous Laws
22:13-30 Concerning Sexual Relations
23:1-8 Exclusion from the Assembly
23:9-25 Sanitary, Ritual, and Humanitarian Precepts
24:1-4 Laws concerning Marriage and Divorce
24:5—25:4 Various Laws
25:5-10 Duty to a Brother’s Widow
25:11-19 Various Commands
26:1-15 First Fruits and Tithes
26:16-19 Concluding Exhortation
27:1-10 Inscribed Stones and Alter on Mount Ebal
27:11-26 Twelve Curses at Mount Ebal
28:1-14 Blessing for Obedience
28:15-68 Warning against Disobedience
29:1-29 Covenant Renewed in Moab
30:1-10 God’s Fidelity Assured
30:11-20-Exhortation to Choose Life
31:1-8 Joshua Becomes Moses’ Successor
31:9-13 Rereading of the Law Commanded
31:14-29 Moses and Joshua Receive God’s Charge
31:30—32:47 Song of Moses
32:48-52 Moses’ Death Foretold
33:1-29 Moses’ Final Blessing
34:1-12 Death of Moses

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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