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Right Conduct

1 Watching for riches, consumeth the flesh, and the care therof driueth away sleepe.

2 Watching care will not let a man slumber, as a sore disease breaketh sleepe.

3 The rich hath great labour in gathering riches together, and when he resteth, he is filled with his delicates.

4 The poore laboureth in his poore estate, and when he leaueth off, hee is still needie.

5 He that loueth gold shall not bee iustified, and he that followeth corruption, shall haue enough thereof.

6 Gold hath bin the ruine of many, and their destruction was present.

7 It is a stumbling block vnto them that sacrifice vnto it, and euery foole shall be taken therewith.

8 Blessed is the rich that is found without blemish, and hath not gone after gold:

9 Who is he? and we will call him blessed: for wonderfull things hath hee done among his people.

10 Who hath bene tried thereby, and found perfit? then let him glory. Who might offend and hath not offended, or done euill, and hath not done it?

11 His goods shall be established, and the congregatiƍ shall declare his almes.

12 If thou sit at a bountifull table, bee not greedy vpon it, and say not, There is much meate on it.

13 Remember that a wicked eye is an euill thing: and what is created more wicked then an eye? therefore it weepeth vpon euery occasion.

14 Stretch not thine hand whithersoeuer it looketh, and thrust it not with him into the dish.

15 Iudge of thy neighbour by thy selfe: and be discreet in euery point.

16 Eate as it becommeth a man those things which are set before thee: and deuoure not, lest thou be hated.

17 Leaue off first for maners sake, and be not vnsatiable, lest thou offend.

18 When thou sittest among many, reach not thine hand out first of all.

19 A very litle is sufficient for a man well nurtured, and he fetcheth not his wind short vpon his bed.

20 Sound sleepe commeth of moderate eating: he riseth early, and his wits are with him, but the paine of watching and choller, and pangs of the bellie are with an vnsatiable man.

21 And if thou hast bin forced to eate, arise, goe forth, vomit, and thou shalt haue rest.

22 My sonne, heare me, and despise me not, and at the last thou shalt finde as I told thee: in all thy workes bee quicke, so shall there no sickenesse come vnto thee.

23 Who so is liberall of his meat, men shall speake well of him, and the report of his good housekeeping will be beleeued.

24 But against him that is a niggard of his meate, the whole citie shall murmure; and the testimonies of his niggardnesse shall not be doubted of.

25 Shew not thy valiantnesse in wine, for wine hath destroyed many.

26 The furnace prooueth the edge by dipping: so doth wine the hearts of the proud by drunkennesse.

27 Wine is as good as life to a man if it be drunke moderatly: what life is then to a man that is without wine? for it was made to make men glad.

28 Wine measurably drunke, and in season, bringeth gladnesse of the heart and cheerefulnesse of the minde.

29 But wine drunken with excesse, maketh bitternesse of the minde, with brawling and quarreling.

30 Drunkennesse increaseth the rage of a foole till he offend, it diminisheth strength, and maketh wounds.

31 Rebuke not thy neighbour at the wine, and despise him not in his mirth: giue him no despitefull words, and presse not vpon him with vrging him (to drinke.)

Chap 32

1 If thou be made the master (of the feast) lift not thy selfe vp, but bee among them as one of the rest, take diligent care for them, and so sit downe.

2 And when thou hast done all thy office, take thy place that thou mayest be merry with them, and receiue a crowne for thy well ordering of the feast.

3 Speake thou that art the elder, for it becometh thee, but with sound iudgement, and hinder not musicke.

4 Powre not out words where there is a musitian, and shew not forth wisedome out of time.

5 A consort of musicke in a banket of wine, is as a signet of Carbuncle set in gold.

6 As a signet of an Emeraud set in a worke of gold, so is the melodie of musicke with pleasant wine.

7 Speake yong man, if there be need of thee: and yet scarsely when thou art twise asked:

8 Let thy speach be short, comprehending much in few words, be as one that knoweth, and yet holdeth his tongue.

9 If thou be among great men, make not thy selfe equall with them, and when ancient men are in place, vse not many words.

10 Before the thunder goeth lightening: and before a shamefast man shall goe fauour.

11 Rise vp betimes, and be not the last: but get thee home without delay.

12 There take thy pastime, & do what thou wilt: but sinne not by proud speach

13 And for these things blesse him that made thee, and hath replenished thee with his good things.

14 Who so feareth the Lord, will receiue his discipline, and they that seeke him early, shall find fauour.

15 He that seeketh the law, shall be filled therewith: but the hypocrite will be offended thereat.

16 They that feare the Lord shall find iudgement, and shall kindle iustice as a light.

17 A sinfull man will not be reproued, but findeth an excuse according to his will.

18 A man of counsell will be considerate, but a strange and proud man is not daunted with feare, euen when of himselfe he hath done without counsell.

19 Doe nothing without aduice, and when thou hast once done, repent not.

20 Goe not in a way wherein thou maiest fall, and stumble not among the stones.

21 Be not confident in a plaine way.

22 And beware of thine owne children.

23 In euery good worke trust thy owne soule: for this is the keeping of the commandements.

24 He that beleeueth in the Lord, taketh heed to the commandement, and he that trusted in him, shall fare neuer the worse.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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