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Assyrian Army Flees

1 And when they that were in the tents heard, they were astonished at the thing that was done.

2 And feare and trembling fell vpon them, so that there was no man that durst abide in the sight of his neighbour, but rushing out altogether, they fled into euery way of the plaine, and of the hill countrey.

3 They also that had camped in the mountaines, round about Bethulia, fled away. Then the children of Israel euery one that was a warriour among them, rushed out vpon them.

4 Then sent Ozias to Bethomasthem, and to Bebai, and Chobai, and Cola, and to all the coasts of Israel, such as should tell the things that were done, and that all should rush forth vpon their enemies to destroy them.

5 Now when the children of Israel heard it, they all fell vpon them with one consent, and slewe them vnto Choba: likewise also they that came from Ierusalem, and from all the hill country, for men had told them what things were done in the campe of their enemies, and they that were in Galaad and in Galile chased them with a great slaughter, vntill they were past Damascus, and the borders thereof.

6 And the residue that dwelt at Bethulia, fell vpon the campe of Assur, and spoiled them, & were greatly enriched.

7 And the children of Israel that returned from the slaughter, had that which remained, and the villages, and the cities that were in the mountaines, and in the plaine, gate many spoiles: for the multitude was very great.

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