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Wars with Neighboring Peoples

1 Now when the nations round about heard that the Altar was built, & the Sanctuarie renewed as before, it displeased them very much.

2 Wherfore they thought to destroy the generation of Iacob that was among them, and thereupon they began to slay and destroy the people.

3 Then Iudas fought against the children of Esau in Idumea at Arabattine, because they besieged Israel: and hee gaue them a great ouerthrow, and abated their courage, and tooke their spoiles.

4 Also he remembred the iniurie of the children of Bean, who had bene a snare and an offence vnto the people, in that they lay in waite for them in the wayes.

5 Hee shut them vp therefore in the towres, and incamped against them, and destroyed them vtterly, and burnt the towers of that place with fire, and all that were therein.

6 Afterward he passed ouer to the children of Ammon, where he found a mighty power, and much people, with Timotheus their captaine.

7 So he fought many battels with them, till at length they were discomfited before him; and he smote them.

8 And when hee had taken Iazar, with the townes belonging thereto, he returned into Iudea.

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