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Cities for the Levites

1 And the Lord spake vnto Moses in the plaines of Moab by Iordane, neere Iericho, saying,

2 Command the children of Israel, that they giue vnto the Leuites of the inheritance of their possession, cities to dwell in: and yee shall giue also vnto the Leuites suburbs for the cities round about them.

3 And the cities shall they haue to dwell in, and the suburbs of them shall be for their cattell, and for their goods, and for all their beasts.

4 And the suburbs of the cities, which yee shall giue vnto the Leuites, shall reach from the wall of the citie, and outward, a thousand cubites round about.

5 And ye shall measure from without the city on the Eastside two thousand cubites, and on the Southside two thousand cubites, and on the Westside two thousand cubites, & on the Northside two thousand cubites: and the citie shall be in the midst; this shalbe to them the suburbs of the cities.

6 And among the cities which yee shal giue vnto the Leuites, there shalbe sixe cities for refuge, which ye shall appoint for the manslayer, that hee may flee thither: And to them ye shall adde fourty and two cities.

7 So all the cities which ye shall giue to the Leuites, shall be fourty and eight cities: them shall yee giue with their suburbs.

8 And the cities which ye shal giue, shalbe of the possession of the children of Israel: from them that haue many ye shall giue many; but from them that haue few, ye shall giue few. Euery one shal giue of his cities vnto the Leuites, according to his inheritance which he inheriteth.

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