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Distress of the Israelites

19 Then the children of Israel cried vnto the Lord their God, because their heart failed, for all their enemies had compassed them round about, & there was no way to escape out from among them.

20 Thus all the company of Assur remained about them, both their footmen, charets and horsemen, foure and thirtie dayes, so that all their vessels of water failed all the inhabitants of Bethulia.

21 And the cisternes were emptied, and they had not water to drinke their fill, for one day; for they gaue them drinke by measure.

22 Therefore their young children were out of heart, and their women and yong men fainted for thirst, and fell downe in the streetes of the city, and by the passages of the gates, and there was no longer any strength in them.

23 Then all the people assembled to Ozias, and to the chiefe of the city, both young men, and women, and children, and cryed with a loude voice, and saide before all the Elders;

24 God be Iudge betweene vs and you: for you haue done vs great iniury in that you haue not required peace of the children of Assur.

25 For now we haue no helper: but God hath sold vs into their hands, that wee should be throwen downe before them with thirst, and great destruction.

26 Now therefore call them vnto you, and deliuer the whole citie for a spoile to the people of Olofernes, and to all his armie.

27 For it is better for vs to be made a spoile vnto them, then to die for thirst: for wee will be his seruants, that our soules may liue, and not see the death of our infants before our eyes, nor our wiues nor our children to die.

28 We take to witnesse against you, the heauen and the earth, and our God, and Lord of our fathers, which punisheth vs according to our sinnes, and the sinnes of our fathers, that hee doe not according as we haue said this day.

29 Then there was great weeping with one consent in the middest of the assembly, and they cryed vnto the Lord God with a loude voice.

30 Then said Ozias to them, Brethren, be of good courage, let vs yet endure fiue dayes, in the which space the Lord our God may turne his mercy toward vs, for he will not forsake vs vtterly.

31 And if these dayes passe, and there come no helpe vnto vs, I wil doe according to your word.

32 And he dispersed the people euery one to their owne charge, and they went vnto the walles and towres of their citie, and sent the women and children into their houses, and they were very low brought in the city.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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