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Syria Offers Terms

55 At that time Lysias heard say, that Philip (whom Antiochus the King whiles hee liued had appointed to bring vp his sonne Antiochus, that he might be king)

56 Was returned out of Persia, and Media, and the Kings host also that went with him, and that hee sought to take vnto him the ruling of the affaires.

57 Wherefore hee went in all haste, and said to the King, and the captaines of the host, and the company, Wee decay dayly, and our victuals are but small, and the place wee lay siege vnto is strong: and the affaires of the kingdome lie vpon vs.

58 Now therefore let vs be friends with these men, and make peace with them, and with all their nation.

59 And couenant with them, that they shall liue after their Lawes, as they did before: for they are therefore displeased, & haue done all these things because wee abolished their Lawes.

60 So the King and the Princes were content: wherefore hee sent vnto them to make peace, and they accepted thereof.

61 Also the King and the Princes made an oath vnto them: whereupon they went out of the strong hold.

62 Then the King entred into mount Sion, but when hee saw the strength of the place, hee brake his oath that hee had made, and gaue commandement to pull downe the wall round about.

63 Afterward departed hee in all haste, and returned vnto Antiochia, where hee found Philip to bee master of the citie; So he fought against him, and tooke the citie by force.

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