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Renown and Death of Judith

21 After this time, euery one returned to his owne inheritance, and Iudeth went to Bethulia, and remained in her owne possession, and was in her time honourable in all the countrey.

22 And many desired her, but none knew her all the dayes of her life, after that Manasses her husband was dead, and was gathered to his people.

23 But she encreased more and more in honour, and waxed olde in her husbands house, being an hundred and fiue yeeres olde, and made her maide free, so shee died in Bethulia: and they buried her in the caue of her husband Manasses.

24 And the house of Israel lamented her seauen dayes, and before shee dyed, she did distribute her goods to all them that are neerest of kinred to Manasses her husband: and to them that were the neerest of her kinred.

25 And there was none that made the children of Israel any more afraide, in the dayes of Iudeth, nor a long time after her death.

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