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Peter Heals a Lame Beggar

1 Nowe Peter and Iohn went vp together into the Temple at the houre of prayer, beeing the ninth houre.

2 And a certaine man lame from his mothers womb was caried, whom they laide daily at the gate of the Temple which is called Beautifull, to aske almes of them that entred into the Temple.

3 Who seeing Peter & Iohn about to go into the Temple, asked an almes.

4 And Peter fastening his eyes vpon him, with Iohn, said, Looke on vs.

5 And he gaue heede vnto them, expecting to receiue something of them.

6 Then Peter said, Siluer and gold haue I none, but such as I haue, giue I thee: In the Name of Iesus Christ of Nazareth, rise vp and walke.

7 And hee tooke him by the right hand, & lift him vp: aud immediatly his feete and ancle bones receiued strength.

8 And hee leaping vp, stood, and walked, and entred with them into the Temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God.

9 And all the people saw him walking, and praising God.

10 And they knew that it was hee which sate for almes at the beautifull gate of the Temple: and they were filled with wonder and amazement at that which had happened vnto him.

Acts 3:1-10

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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