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Antiochus Makes a Treaty with the Jews

18 Now when the king had taken a taste of the manlinesse of the Iewes, hee went about to take the holds by policie,

19 And marched towards Bethsura, which was a strōghold of þe Iews, but he was put to flight, failed, & lost of his men.

20 For Iudas had conueyed vnto them þt were in it, such things as were necessary.

21 But Rhodocus who was in þe Iewes hoste, disclosed the secrets to the enemies, therefore he was sought out, & when they had gotten him, they put him in prison.

22 The king treated with them in Bethsura the second time, gaue his hand, tooke theirs, departed, fought with Iudas, was ouercome:

23 Heard that Philip who was left ouer the affaires in Antioch was desperately bent, confounded, intreated the Iewes, submitted himselfe, and sware to all equal conditions, agreed with them, and offred sacrifice, honoured the Temple, and dealt kindly with the place,

24 And accepted well of Maccabeus, made him principall gouernor from Ptolemais vnto the Gerrhenians,

25 Came to Ptolemais, the people there were grieued for the couenants: for they stormed because they would make their couenants voide.

26 Lysias went vp to the iudgement seat, said as much as could be in defence of the cause, perswaded, pacified, made them well affected, returned to Antioch. Thus it went touching the kings comming and departing.

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