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Territory of Judah

1 This then was the lot of the tribe of the children of Iudah by their families, euen to the border of Edom; the wildernesse of Zin Southward, was the vttermost part of the South coast:

2 And their South border was from the shore of the salt sea, from the bay that looketh Southward.

3 And it went out to the Southside to Maalehacrabbim, and passed along to Zin, and ascended vp on the Southside vnto Kadesh-Barnea: and passed along to Hezron, and went vp to Adar, and fetched a compasse to Karkaa.

4 From thence it passed toward Azmon, and went out vnto the riuer of Egypt, and the goings out of that coast were at the sea: this shalbe your South coast.

5 And the East border was the salt Sea, euen vnto the end of Iordan: and their border in the North quarter, was from the bay of the sea, at the vttermost part of Iordan.

6 And the border went vp to Bethhogla, and passed along by the North of Beth-arabah, and the border went vp to the stone of Bohan the sonne of Reuben.

7 And the border went vp toward Debir from the valley of Achor, and so Northward, looking toward Gilgal, that is before the going vp to Adummim, which is on the Southside of the riuer: and the border passed towards the waters of Enshemesh, and the goings out thereof were at En-Rogel.

8 And the border went vp by the valley of the sonne of Hinnom, vnto the South side of the Iebusite, the same is Ierusalem: and the border went vp to the top of the mountaine, that lieth before the valley of Hinnom, Westward, which is at the end of the valley of the giants, Northward.

9 And the border was drawen from the top of the hill vnto the fountaine of the water of Nephtoah, and went out to the cities of mount Ephron, and the border was drawen to Baalah, which is Kiriath-iearim.

10 And the border compassed from Baalah Westward vnto mount Seir, and passed along vnto the side of mount Iearim, (which is Chesalon) on the North side, and went downe to Bethshemesh, and passed on to Timnah.

11 And the border went out vnto the side of Ekron Northward: and the border was drawen to Shicron, and passed along to mount Baalah, and went out vnto Iabneel; and the goings out of the border were at the sea.

12 And the West border was to the great sea, and the coast therof: this is the coast of the children of Iudah round about, according to their families.

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