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Judas Prepares the Jews for Battle

6 So Nicanor in exceeding pride and haughtinesse, determined to set vp a publike moument of his victorie ouer Iudas, and them that were with him.

7 But Maccabeus had euer sure confidence that the Lord would helpe him.

8 Wherfore he exhorted his people not to feare the comming of the heathen against them, but to remember the helpe which in former times they had receiued from heauen, and now to expect the victory, and aid which should come vnto them from the Almightie.

9 And so comforting them out of the law, and the prophets, and withall putting them in mind of the battels that they won afore, he made them more cheerefull.

10 And when he had stirred vp their minds, he gaue them their charge, shewing them therewithall the falshood of the heathen, and the breach of othes.

11 Thus he armed euery one of them not so much with defence of shields and speares, as with comfortable and good words: and besides that, he tolde them a dreame worthy to be beleeued, as if it had bin so indeed, which did not a litle reioyce them.

12 And this was his vision: that Onias, who had bin high Priest, a vertuous, and a good man, reuerend in conuersation, gentle in condition, well spoken also, and exercised from a child in all points of vertue, holding vp his hands, prayed for the whole bodie of the Iewes.

13 This done, in like maner there appeared a man with gray haires, & exceeding glorious, who was of a wonderfull and excellent maiestie.

14 Then Onias answered, saying, This is a louer of the brethren, who prayeth much for the people, and for the holy citie, (to wit) Ieremias ├że prophet of God.

15 Whereupon Ieremias, holding forth his right hand, gaue to Iudas a sword of gold, and in giuing it spake thus:

16 Take this holy sword a gift from God, with the which thou shalt wound the aduersaries.

17 Thus being well comforted by the words of Iudas, which were very good, and able to stirre them vp to valour, and to encourage the hearts of the yong men, they determined not to pitch campe, but couragiously to set vpon them, and manfully to trie the matter by conflict, because the citie, and the Sanctuarie, and the Temple were in danger.

18 For the care that they tooke for their wiues, and their children, their brethren, and kinsfolkes, was in least account with them: but the greatest, and principall feare, was for the holy Temple.

19 Also they that were in the citie, tooke not the least care, being troubled for the conflict abroad.

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