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  2. Scripture
  3. 1 Samuel

1 Samuel

1:1-28 Samuel’s Birth and Dedication
2:1-10 Hannah’s Prayer
2:11-17 Eli’s Wicked Sons
2:18-21 Boy Samuel
2:22-25 Eli Tries to Correct His Sons
2:26 Samuel’s Virtues
2:27-36 Prophecy against Eli’s Household
3:1-18 Lord Calls Samuel
3:19—4:11 Samuel’s Prophecy and the Capture of the Ark of God
4:12-4:22 Death of Eli
5:1-12 Philistines and the Ark
6:1-18 Ark Returned to Israel
6:19—7:2 Ark at Kiriath-jearim
7:3-17 Samuel as Judge of Israel
8:1-18 Israel Asks for a King
8:19-22 Israel’s Demand Granted
9:1-26 Saul Chosen to Be King
9:27—10:8 Samuel Anoints Saul
10:9-16 Saul Prophesies
10:17-27 Saul Proclaimed King
11:1-15 Saul Defeats the Ammonites
12:1-25 Samuel’s Farewell Address
13:1-18 Saul’s Unlawful Sacrifice
13:19-23 Preparation for Battle
14:1-23 Jonathan Surprises the Philistines
14:24-35 Saul’s Rash Oath
14:36-46 People Ransom Jonathan
14:47-52 Saul’s Continuing Wars
15:1-9 Saul Defeats the Amalekites but Disobeys
15:10-35 Lord Rejects Saul for His Disobedience
16:1-13 David Anointed as King
16:14-23 David Plays the Lyre for Saul
17:1-58 David and Goliath
18:1-9 Jonathan’s Covenant with David
18:10-16 Saul Tries to Kill David
18:17-30 David Marries Michal
19:1-7 Jonathan Intercedes for David
19:8-17 Michal Helps David Escape from Saul
19:18-24 David Joins Samuel in Ramah
20:1-42 Friendship of David and Jonathan
21:1-9 David and the Holy Bread
21:10-15 David Flees to Gath
22:1-5 David and His Followers at Adullam
22:6-23 Saul Slaughters the Priests at Nob
23:1-14 David Saves the City of Keilah
23:15-29 David Eludes Saul in the Wilderness
24:1-22 David Spares Saul’s Life
25:1 Death of Samuel
25:1-42 David and Abigail
25:43-44 Ahino-am of Jezreel
26:1-25 David Again Spares Saul’s Life
27:1—28:2 David Goes to King Achish in Gath
28:3-25 Saul Consults a Medium at En-dor
29:1-11 Philistines Reject David
30:1-31 David Avenges the Destruction of Ziklag
31:1-13 Death of Saul and His Sons

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