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Joram of Israel Killed

14 So Iehu the sonne of Iehoshaphat, the sonne of Nimshi, conspired against Ioram: (now Ioram had kept Ramoth Gilead, hee, and all Israel, because of Hazael king of Syria:

15 But king Ioram was returned to bee healed in Iezreel, of the wounds which the Syrians had giuen him, when he fought with Hazael king of Syria.) And Iehu said, If it be your minds, then let none goe forth nor escape out of the citie, to goe to tell it in Iezreel.

16 So Iehu rode in a charet, and went to Iezreel, (for Ioram lay there:) and Ahaziah king of Iudah was come downe to see Ioram.

17 And there stood a watchman on the towre in Iezreel, and hee spied the company of Iehu as he came, and said, I see a companie. And Ioram sayd, Take an horseman, and send to meete them, and let him say, Is it peace?

18 So there went one on horsebacke to meete him, and said, Thus sayth the king, Is it peace? And Iehu said, What hast thou to doe with peace? turne thee behinde me. And the watchman tolde, saying, The messenger came to them, but he commeth not againe.

19 Then he sent out a second on horsebacke, which came to them, and sayd, Thus sayth the king, Is it peace? And Iehu answered, What hast thou to doe with peace? turne thee behinde me.

20 And the watchman tolde, saying, He came euen vnto them, and commeth not againe: and the driuing is like the driuing of Iehu the sonne of Nimshi; for he driueth furiously.

21 And Ioram said, Make readie. And his charet was made ready. And Ioram king of Israel, and Ahaziah king of Iudah, went out, each in his charet, and they went out against Iehu, and met him in the portion of Naboth the Iezreelite.

22 And it came to passe when Ioram saw Iehu, that hee said, Is it peace, Iehu? And he answered, What peace, so long as the whoredomes of thy mother Iezebel, and her witchcrafts are so many?

23 And Ioram turned his hand, and fled, and said to Ahaziah, There is treachery, O Ahaziah.

24 And Iehu drew a bowe with his full strength, and smote Iehoram betweene his armes, and the arrow went out at his heart, and hee sunke downe in his charet.

25 Then said Iehu to Bidkar his captaine, Take vp, and cast him in the portion of the field of Naboth the Iezreelite: for remember, how that when I and thou rode together after Ahab his father, the Lord laide this burden vpon him:

26 Surely I haue seene yesterday the blood of Naboth, and the blood of his sonnes, sayd the Lord, and I will requite thee in this plat, sayth the Lord. Now therefore take and cast him into the plat of ground, according to the word of the Lord.

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