Incidents at Joppa and Jamnia

1 When these Couenants were made, Lysias went vnto the king, and the Iewes were about their husbandrie.

2 But of the gouernours of seueral places, Timotheus, and Apollonius the sonne of Genneus, also Hieronymus, and Demophon, and besides them Nicanor þe gouernor of Cyprus would not suffer them to be quiet, and liue in peace.

3 The men of Ioppe also did such an vngodly deed: they prayed the Iewes that dwelt among them, to goe with their wiues, and children into the boats which they had prepared, as though they had meant them no hurt.

4 Who accepted of it according to the common decree of the citie, as being desirous to liue in peace, and suspecting nothing: but when they were gone forth into the deepe, they drowned no lesse then two hundred of them.

5 When Iudas heard of this crueltie done vnto his countrey men, he commanded those that were with him [to make them ready.]

6 And calling vpon God the righteous iudge, he came against those murtherers of his brethren, & burnt the hauen by night, and set the boats on fire, and those that fled thither, he slew.

7 And when the towne was shut vp, he went backward, as if he would returne to root out all them of the citie of Ioppe.

8 But when he heard that þe Iamnites were minded to doe in like maner vnto the Iewes þt dwelt among them,

9 He came vpon the Iamnites also by night, and set fire on the hauen, & the nauy, so that the light of the fire was seene at Ierusalem, two hundred and fortie furlongs off.

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