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Simon Regains the Citadel

9 They also of the towre in Ierusalem were kept so strait, that they could neither come foorth, nor goe into the countrey, nor buy, nor sell, wherefore they were in great distresse for want of victuals, and a great number of them perished through famine.

50 Then cried they to Simon, beseeching him to bee at one with them, which thing hee graunted them, and when he had put them out from thence, he cleansed the towre from pollutions:

51 And entred into it the three and twentieth day of the second moneth, in the hundred seuentie and one yere, with thankesgiuing, and branches of palme trees, and with harpes, and cymbals, and with viols and hymnes, and songs: because there was destroyed a great enemy out of Israel.

52 Hee ordained also that that day should be kept euery yeere with gladnes. Moreouer, the hill of the Temple that was by the towre he made stronger then it was, and there hee dwelt himselfe with his company.

53 And when Simon sawe that Iohn his sonne was a valiant man, he made him captaine of all the hostes and dwelt in Gazara.

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