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Preparation for Battle

12 Now when word was brought vnto Iudas of Nicanors cōming, and he had imparted vnto those that were with him, that the army was at hand,

13 They that were fearefull, and distrusted the iustice of God, fled, and conueyed themselues away.

14 Others sold all that they had left, and withall besought the Lord to deliuer them, being solde by the wicked Nicanor before they met together:

15 And if not for their owne sakes, yet for þe couenants he had made with their fathers, and for his holy and glorious Names sake, by which they were called

16 So Maccabeus called his men together vnto the number of sixe thousand, and exhorted them not to be stricken with terrour of the enemie, nor to feare the great multitude of the heathen who came wrongfully against them, but to fight manfully,

17 And to set before their eyes, the iniury that they had vniustly done to the holy place, and the cruell handling of the city, whereof they made a mockery, and also the taking away of the gouernment of their forefathers:

18 For they, said he, trust in their weapons and boldnesse, but our confidence is in the Almightie God, who at a becke can cast downe both them that come against vs, and also all the world.

19 Moreouer, hee recounted vnto them what helps their forefathers had found, and how they were deliuered, when vnder Sennacherib an hundred fourescore and fiue thousand perished.

20 And he told them of þe battel that they had in Babylon with the Galatians, how they came but eight thousand in all to þe busines, with foure thousand Macedonians, and that the Macedonians being perplexed, the eight thousand destroyed an hundred and twenty thousand, because of the helpe that they had from heauen, & so receiued a great booty.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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