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Trypho Seizes Power

54 After this returned Tryphon, and with him the yong childe Antiochus, who reigned and was crowned.

55 Then there gathered vnto him all the men of warre whom Demetrius had put away, and they fought against Demetrius, who turned his backe and fled.

56 Moreouer Triphon tooke the Elephants, and wonne Antioch.

57 At that time yong Antiochus wrote vnto Ionathan, saying; I confirme thee in the high Priesthood, and appoint thee ruler ouer the foure gouernments, and to be one of the kings friends.

58 Upon this he sent him golden vessels to be serued in, and gaue him leaue to drinke in gold, and to bee clothed in purple, and to weare a golden buckle.

59 His brother Simon also he made captaine from the place called the ladder of Tyrus, vnto the borders of Egypt.

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