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Policy of Antiochus

27 Now when King Antiochus heard these things, he was full of indignation: wherefore hee sent and gathered together all the forces of his realme [euen] a very strong armie.

28 He opened also his treasure, and gaue his souldiers pay for a yeere, commanding them to be ready, whensoeuer he should need them.

29 Neuerthelesse, when he saw that the money of his treasures failed, and that the tributes in the countrey were small, because of the dissention, and plague which he had brought vpon the land, in taking away the Lawes which had bene of old time,

30 Hee feared that he should not be able to beare the charges any longer, nor to haue such gifts to giue so liberally, as he did before: for hee had abounded aboue the Kings that were before him.

31 Wherefore, being greatly perplexed in his minde, hee determined to goe into Persia, there to take the tributes of the countreys, and to gather much money.

32 So hee left Lysias a noble man, and one of the blood royall, to ouersee the affaires of the King, from the riuer Euphrates, vnto the borders of Egypt:

33 And to bring vp his sonne Antiochus, vntill he came againe.

34 Moreouer he deliuered vnto him the halfe of his forces, and the Elephants, and gaue him charge of all things that he would haue done, as also concerning them that dwelt in Iuda and Ierusalem.

35 To wit, that he should send an armie against them, to destroy and root out the strength of Israel, and the remnant of Ierusalem, and to take away their memoriall from that place:

36 And that he should place strangers in all their quarters, and diuide their land by lot.

37 So the king tooke the halfe of the forces that remained, and departed from Antioch his royall city, the hundreth fourtie and seuenth yeere, and hauing passed the riuer Euphrates, hee went through the high countreys.

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