Menelaus Becomes High Priest

23 Three yeere afterward, Iason sent Menelaus the foresaid Simons brother, to beare the money vnto the king, and to put him in minde of certaine necessary matters.

24 But he being brought to the presence of the king, when he had magnified him, for the glorious appearance of his power, got the priesthood to himselfe, offering more then Iason by three hundred talents of siluer.

25 So he came with the kings Mandate, bringing nothing worthy the high priesthood, but hauing the fury of a cruell Tyrant, and the rage of a sauage beast.

26 Then Iason, who had vndermined his owne brother, being vndermined by another, was c┼Źpelled to flee into the countrey of the Ammonites.

27 So Menelaus got the principalitie: but as for the money that he had promised vnto the king, hee tooke no good order for it, albeit Sostratus the ruler of the castle required it.

28 For vnto him appertained the gathering of the customes. Wherefore they were both called before the king.

29 Now Menelaus left his brother Lysimachus in his stead in the priesthood, and Sostratus left Crates, who was gouernour of the Cyprians.

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