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Jonathan’s Diplomacy

20 At the same time Ionathan gathered together them that were in Iudea, to take the towre that was in Ierusalem, and he made many engines of warre against it.

21 Then certaine vngodly persons who hated their owne people, went vnto the king, and told him that Ionathan besieged the towre.

22 Whereof when he heard, he was angry, and immediately remouing, he can to Ptolemais, and wrote vnto Ionathan, that he should not lay siege to the towre, but come and speake with him at Ptolemais in great haste.

23 Neuerthelesse Ionathan when he heard this, commanded to besiege it [still] and he chose certaine of the Elders of Israel, and the priests, and put himselfe in perill.

24 And tooke siluer and gold, and rayment, and diuers presents besides, and went to Ptolemais, vnto the king, where he found fauour in his sight.

25 And though certaine vngodly men of the people, had made complaints against him,

26 Yet the king entreated him as his predecessors had done before, & promoted him in the sight of all his friends,

27 And confirmed him in the high priesthood, and in all the honours that hee had before, and gaue him preeminence among his chiefe friends.

28 Then Ionathan desired the king, that hee would make Iudea free from tribute, as also the three gouernments with the countrey of Samaria, & he promised him three hundred talents

29 So the king consented and wrote letters vnto Ionathan, of all these things after this maner.

30 King Demetrius vnto his brother Ionathan, and vnto the nation of the Iewes, sendeth greeting.

31 We send you heere a copie of the letter, which we did write vnto our cousin Lasthenes, concerning you, that you might see it.

32 King Demetrius vnto his father Lasthenes, sendeth greeting:

33 We are determined to doe good to the people of the Iewes, who are our friends, and keepe couenants with vs, because of their good will towards vs.

34 Wherefore we haue ratified vnto them the borders of Iudea, with the three gouernments of Apherema, and Lidda, and Ramathem, that are added vnto Iudea, from the countrie of Samaria, and all things appertaining vnto them, for all such, as doe sacrifice in Ierusalem, in stead of the paiments, which the king receiued of them yeerely aforetime out of the fruits of the earth, and of trees.

35 And as for other things that belong vnto vs of the tithes and customes pertaining vnto vs, as also the salt pits, and the crowne taxes, which are due vnto vs, we discharge them of them all for their reliefe.

36 And nothing heereof shall be reuoked from this time foorth for euer.

37 Now therefore see that thou make a copie of these things, and let it be deliuered vnto Ionathan, and set vpon the holy mount in a conspicuous place.

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