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Pillage of the Temple

15 Yet was he not content with this, but presumed to goe into the most holy Temple of all the world: Menelaus that traitour to the Lawes, and to his owne countrey, being his guide.

16 And taking the holy vessels with polluted handes, and with prophane handes, pulling downe the things that were dedicated by other kings, to the augmentation and glory and honour of the place, he gaue them away.

17 And so haughtie was Antiochus in minde, that hee considered not that the Lord was angry for a while for the sinnes of them that dwelt in the citie, and therefore his eye was not vpon the place.

18 For had they not beene formerly wrapped in many sinnes, this man as soone as hee had come, had foorthwith beene scourged, and put backe from his presumption, as Heliodorus was, whom Seleucus the king sent to view the treasurie.

19 Neuerthelesse God did not choose the people for the places sake, but the place for the peoples sake.

20 And therefore the place it selfe that was partaker with them of the aduersities that happened to the nation, did afterward communicate in the benefits sent from the Lord: and as it was forsaken in the wrath of the Almighty, so againe the great Lord being reconciled, it was set vp with all glory.

21 So when Antiochus had caried out of the Temple, a thousand and eight hundred talents, hee departed in all haste into Antiochia, weening in his pride to make the land nauigable, and the Sea passable by foot: such was the haughtinesse of his minde.

22 And he left gouernours to vexe the nation: at Ierusalem Philip, for his countrey a Phrygian, and for manners more barbarous then hee that set him there:

23 And at Garizim, Andronicus; and besides, Menelaus, who worse then all the rest, bare an heauie hand ouer the citizens, hauing a malicious minde against his countreymen the Iewes.

24 He sent also that detestable ringleader Apollonius, with an armie of two and twentie thousand, commaunding him to slay all those that were in their best age, and to sell the women and the yonger sort:

25 Who comming to Ierusalem, and pretending peace, did forbeare till the holy day of the Sabbath, when taking the Iewes keeping holy day, hee commanded his men to arme themselues.

26 And so hee slewe all them that were gone to the celebrating of the Sabbath, and running through the city with weapons, slewe great multitudes.

27 But Iudas Maccabeus, with nine others, or thereabout, withdrew himselfe into the wildernesse, and liued in the mountaines after the maner of beasts, with his company, who fed on herbes continually, lest they should be partakers of the pollution.

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