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Alcimus Speaks against Judas

1 After three yeres was Iudas enformed that Demetrius the sonne of Seleucus hauing entred by the hauen of Tripolis with a great power and nauie,

2 Had taken the countrey, and killed Antiochus, and Lysias his protectour.

3 Now one Alcimus who had beene hie Priest, and had defiled himselfe wilfully in the times of their mingling (with the Gentiles) seeing that by no meanes hee could saue himselfe, nor haue any more accesse to the holy Altar,

4 Came to king Demetrius in the hundreth and one and fiftieth yeere, presenting vnto him a crowne of golde, and a palme, and also of the boughes which were vsed solemnly in the Temple: and so that day he helde his peace.

5 Howbeit hauing gotten opportunity to further his foolish enterprise, [and] being called into counsel by Demetrius, & asked how the Iewes stood affected, and what they intēded, he answered therunto;

6 Those of the Iewes that bee called Asideans (whose captaine is Iudas Maccabeus) nourish warre, and are seditious; and will not let the realme be in peace.

7 Therfore I being depriued of mine ancestors honor (I meane the hie Priesthood) am now come hither.

8 First verily for the vnfained care I haue of things pertaining to the king, and secondly, euen for that I intend the good of mine owne countrey men: for all our nation is in no small misery, through the vnaduised dealing of them aforesaid.

9 Wherefore, O king, seeing thou knowest all these things, bee carefull for the countrey, and our nation, which is pressed on euery side, according to the clemency that thou readily shewest vnto all.

10 For as long as Iudas liueth, it is not possible that the state should be quiet.

11 This was no sooner spoken of him, but others of the kings friends being malitiously set against Iudas, did more incense Demetrius.

12 And foorthwith calling Nicanor, who had bene master of the Elephants, and making him gouernour ouer Iudea, he sent him forth,

13 Cōmanding him to slay Iudas, & to scatter them that were [wt] him, & to make Alcimus high priest of the great Temple.

14 Then the heathen that had fled out of Iudea from Iudas, came to Nicanor by flocks, thinking the harme and calamities of the Iewes, to be their well-fare.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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