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Antiochus VII Threatens Simon

25 So Antiochus the king camped against Dora, the second day, assaulting it continually, and making engins, by which meanes he shut vp Tryphon, that he could neither goe out nor in.

26 At that time Simon sent him two thousand chosen men to aide him: siluer also, and gold, and much armour.

27 Neuerthelesse, he would not receiue them, but brake all the couenants which he had made with him afore, and became strange vnto him.

28 Furthermore hee sent vnto him Athenobius, one of his friends to commune with him and say: you withhold Ioppe and Gazara with the towre that is in Ierusalem, which are cities of my realme.

29 The borders thereof yee haue wasted and done great hurt in the land, and got the dominion of many places within my kingdome.

30 Now therefore deliuer the cities which ye haue taken, and the tributes of the places whereof yee haue gotten dominion without the borders of Iudea.

31 Or else giue me for them fiue hundred talents of siluer, and for the harme that you haue done, and the tributes of the cities other fiue hundred talents: if not, we wil come and fight against you.

32 So Athenobius the kings friend came to Ierusalem, and when hee saw the glory of Simon, and the cupboard of gold, and siluer plate, and his great attendance, he was astonished and told him the kings message.

33 Then answered Simon, and said vnto him, We haue neither taken other mens land, nor holden that which apperteineth to others, but the inheritance of our fathers, which our enemies had wrongfully in possession a certaine time.

34 Wherefore we hauing opportunitie, hold the inheritance of our fathers.

35 And whereas thou demaundest Ioppe and Gazara; albeit they did great harme vnto the people in our countrey, yet will we giue an hundred talents for them. Hereunto Athenobius answered him not a word,

36 But returned in a rage to the king, and made report vnto him of these speaches, and of the glory of Simon, and of all that hee had seene: whereupon the king was exceeding wroth.

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