Murder of Onias; and the Punishment of Andronicus

30 While those things were in doing, they of Tharsus and Mallos made insurrection, because they were giuen to the kings concubine called Antiochis.

31 Then came the king in all haste to appease matters, leauing Andronicus a man in authority, for his deputy.

32 Now Menelaus supposing that he had gotten a conuenient time, stole certaine vessels of gold, out of the temple, and gaue some of them to Andronicus, and some he sold into Tyrus, and the cities round about.

33 Which when Onias knew of a surety, he reprooued him, and withdrew himselfe into a Sanctuarie at Daphne, that lieth by Antiochia.

34 Wherefore Menelaus, taking Andronicus apart, prayed him to get Onias into his hands, who being perswaded thereunto, and comming to Onias in deceit, gaue him his right hand with othes, and though hee were suspected (by him) yet perswaded he him to come forth of the Sanctuarie: whom forthwith he shut vp without regard of Iustice.

35 For the which cause not onely the Iewes, but many also of other nations tooke great indignation, and were much grieued for the vniust murder of the man.

36 And when the king was come againe from the places about Cilicia, the Iewes that were in the citie, and certaine of the Greekes, that abhorred the fact also, complained because Onias was slaine without cause.

37 Therefore Antiochus was heartily sorry, and mooued to pity, and wept, because of the sober and modest behauiour of him that was dead.

38 And being kindled with anger, forthwith he tooke away Andronicus his purple, and rent off his clothes, and leading him through the whole city vnto that very place, where he had committed impietie against Onias, there slew he the cursed murtherer. Thus the Lord rewarded him his punishment, as he had deserued.

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