Lot’s Captivity and Rescue

1 And it came to passe in the dayes of Amraphel King of Shinar, Arioch King of Ellasar, Chedorlaomer King of Elam, and Tidal King of nations:

2 That these made warre with Bera King of Sodome, and with Birsha King of Gomorrah, Shinab King of Admah, and Shemeber King of Zeboiim, and the King of Bela, which is Zoar.

3 All these were ioyned together in the vale of Siddim; which is the salt Sea.

4 Twelue yeeres they serued Chedorlaomer, and in the thirteenth yeere they rebelled.

5 And in the fourteenth yeere came Chedorlaomer, and the Kings that were with him, and smote the Rephaims, in Ashteroth Karnaim, & the Zuzims in Ham, and the Emims in Shaueh Kiriathaim;

6 And the Horites in their mount Seir, vnto El-Paran, which is by the wildernesse.

7 And they returned, and came to En-mishpat, which is Kadesh, & smote all the countrey of the Amalekites, and also the Amorites, that dwelt in Hazezon-tamar.

8 And there went out the King of Sodome, and the King of Gomorrah, and the King of Admah, and the King of Zeboiim, and the King of Bela, (the same is Zoar) and they ioyned battell with them, in the vale of Siddim,

9 With Chedorlaomer the King of Elam, and with Tidal King of nations, and Amraphel King of Shinar, and Arioch King of Ellasar; foure Kings with fiue.

10 And the vale of Siddim was full of slime-pits: and the Kings of Sodome & Gomorrah fled, and fell there: and they that remained, fled to the mountaine.

11 And they tooke all the goods of Sodome and Gomorrah, and all their victuals, and went their way.

12 And they tooke Lot, Abrams brothers sonne, (who dwelt in Sodome) and his goods, and departed.

13 ΒΆ And there came one that had escaped, and told Abram the Hebrew, for hee dwelt in the plaine of Mamre the Amorite, brother of Eshcol, and brother of Aner: and these were confederate with Abram.

14 And when Abram heard that his brother was taken captiue, he armed his trained seruants borne in his owne house, three hundred and eighteene, and pursued them vnto Dan.

15 And hee diuided himselfe against them, he and his seruants by night, and smote them, and pursued them vnto Hoba, which is on the left hand of Damascus:

16 And hee brought backe all the goods, and also brought againe his brother Lot, and his goods, and the women also, and the people.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16).

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