Ptolemy Invades Syria

1 And the king of Egypt gathered together a great host like the sand that lieth vpon the Sea shore, and many ships, and went about through deceit to get Alexanders kingdome, and ioyne it to his owne.

2 Whereupon he tooke his iourney into Syria in peaceable maner, so as they of the cities opened vnto him, and met him: for king Alexander had commanded them so to doe, because he was his father in law.

3 Now as Ptolomee entred into the cities, he set in euery one of them a garison of souldiers to kepe it.

4 And when he came neere to Azotus, they shewed him the temple of Dagon that was burnt, and Azotus, and the suburbs thereof that were destroyed, and the bodies that were cast abroad, and them that he had burnt in the battell, for they had made heapes of them by the way where he should passe.

5 Also they told the king whatsoeuer Ionathan had done, to the intent he might blame him: but the king helde his peace.

6 Then Ionathan met the king with great pompe at Ioppa, where they saluted one another, and lodged.

7 Afterward Ionathan when he had gone with the king to the riuer called Eleutherus, returned againe to Ierusalem.

8 King Ptolomee therefore hauing gotten the dominion of the cities by the sea, vnto Seleucia vpon the sea coast, imagined wicked counsels against Alexander.

9 Whereupon he sent embassadours vnto king Demetrius, saying, Come, let vs make a league betwixt vs, and I will giue thee my daughter whome Alexander hath, and thou shalt reigne in thy fathers kingdome:

10 For I repent þt I gaue my daughter vnto him, for he sought to slay me.

11 Thus did he slander him, because he was desirous of his kingdome.

12 Wherefore he tooke his daughter from him, and gaue her to Demetrius, and forsooke Alexander, so that their hatred was openly knowen.

13 Then Ptolomee entred into Antioch, where he set two crownes vpō his head, the crowne of Asia, and of Egypt.

14 In the meane season was king Alexander in Cilicia, because those þt dwelt in those parts, had reuolted from him.

15 But when Alexander heard of this, hee came to warre against him, whereupon king Ptolomee brought forth his hoste, and met him with a mightie power, and put him to flight.

16 So Alexander fled into Arabia, there to be defended, but king Ptolomee was exalted.

17 For Zabdiel the Arabian tooke off Alexanders head, and sent it vnto Ptolomee.

18 King Ptolemee also died the third day after, & they that were in the strong holds, were slaine one of another.

19 By this meanes Demetrius reigned in the hundreth, threescore and seuenth yeere.

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