Christ’s Name Bearers

A term referring to someone who has confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and whose confession is confirmed by baptism. Having adopted Christ’s name, Christians not only believe Jesus is Christ and submit to Christ’s Lordship out of love by keeping Christ’s commandments, but also show appreciation for Christ’s gift of salvation by glorifying God in all things. The Christian life is marked by fellowship with Christ and other Christians whose lives witness to the gospel.


This term was chosen in effort to focus on the defining characteristic of what it means to be a Christians because Christians of one denomination tend to call the Christianity of those belonging to other denominations into question as others were not really true Christians. This has been especially observed between Catholics and Protestant concerning the rather divisive doctrine of salvation. While Protestants believe that saving grace is sufficient to be saved, Catholics disregard such sufficiency. Where Protestants believe that action follows being, Catholics believe that being is sustained by action. Thus, Protestants are much more forgiving of unchristian behavior than Catholics.


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