The rebirth of persons and remaking of things.

A term referring to a person being reborn, and a thing being remade. The first is a spiritual rebirth signified by baptism. The second is a spiritual remaking signified by anointment. These acts are similar in that each have been blessed. These acts are also dissimilar in that where baptism is marked by a confession of faith and holy water, a thing, such as water, is made holy by the laying over of hands.


This term was chosen to not only mark the moment when persons and things set apart from the world by having been made holy, but also to clarify that ‘christening’ is not to be used a secular sense. Such secular demonstrations are evident whenever the use of a new thing is commemorated by using the best of something else as such is the case when a new pipe is said to be ‘christened’ with the finest cannabis money can buy at its first use or when a bottle of fine champagne is broken over the bow of a newly made ship at its launch. Unlike these events, which have nothing to do with Christ, christening acts result in replacing a worldly nature with Christ’s own.. .

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