Mighty Supernaphim

The supernaphim are the skilled ministers to all types of beings who sojourn on Paradise and in the central universe. These high angels are created in three major orders: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

Primary supernaphim are the exclusive offspring of the Conjoint Creator. They divide their ministry about equally between certain groups of the Paradise Citizens and the ever-enlarging corps of ascendant pilgrims. These angels of the eternal Isle are highly efficacious in furthering the essential training of both groups of Paradise dwellers. They contribute much that is helpful to the mutual understanding of these two unique orders of universe creatures — the one being the highest type of divine and perfect will creature, and the other, the perfected evolution of the lowest type of will creature in all the universe of universes.

The work of the primary supernaphim is so unique and distinctive that it will be separately considered in the succeeding narrative.

Secondary supernaphim are the directors of the affairs of ascending beings on the seven circuits of Havona. They are equally concerned in ministering to the educational training of numerous orders of Paradise Citizens who sojourn for long periods on the world circuits of the central creation, but we may not discuss this phase of their service.

There are seven types of these high angels, each of origin in one of the Seven Master Spirits and in nature patterned accordingly. Collectively, the Seven Master Spirits create many different groups of unique beings and entities, and the individual members of each order are comparatively uniform in nature. But when these same Seven Spirits create individually, the resulting orders are always sevenfold in nature; the children of each Master Spirit partake of the nature of their creator and are accordingly diverse from the others. Such is the origin of the secondary supernaphim, and the angels of all seven created types function in all channels of activity open to their entire order, chiefly on the seven circuits of the central and divine universe.

Each of the seven planetary circuits of Havona is under the direct supervision of one of the Seven Spirits of the Circuits, themselves the collective — hence uniform — creation of the Seven Master Spirits. Though partaking of the nature of the Third Source and Center, these seven subsidiary Spirits of Havona were not a part of the original pattern universe. They were in function after the original (eternal) creation but long before the times of Grandfanda. They undoubtedly appeared as a creative response of the Master Spirits to the emerging purpose of the Supreme Being, and they were discovered in function upon the organization of the grand universe. The Infinite Spirit and all his creative associates, as universal co-ordinators, seem abundantly endowed with the ability to make suitable creative responses to the simultaneous developments in the experiential Deities and in the evolving universes.

Tertiary supernaphim take origin in these Seven Spirits of the Circuits. Each one of them, on the separate Havona circles, is empowered by the Infinite Spirit to create a sufficient number of high superaphic ministers of the tertiary order to meet the needs of the central universe. While the Circuit Spirits produced comparatively few of these angelic ministers prior to the arrival in Havona of the pilgrims of time, the Seven Master Spirits did not even begin the creation of secondary supernaphim until the landing of Grandfanda. As the older of the two orders, the tertiary supernaphim will therefore receive first consideration.


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