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Dr. Paul Martinus is a talented and experienced board-certified level II counselor specializing in ministry, philosophy and theology. He and his colleagues help others conquer themselves and regulate their lives without determining themselves through any means that is disordered. Conquering oneself and regulating one’s life without determining oneself through any means that is disordered can be accomplished by incorporating the Rule of Saint Benedict into one’s life and engaging in an Ignatian Spiritual Exercises on a daily basis.


Counseling: $200 hr.

Sessions: By focusing on one problem at a time, we are able to upend any trial and learn from our time together in tribulation. Your problem is our problem because we too learn from our experiences together by conducting five sessions together per treatment as follows:

1. Philosophical: Exploration of primary problem.
2. Psychological: Examination of affect and cognitive concerns.
3. Behavioral: Analysis
4. Ministerial: Intervention
5. Theological/Biblical: Insight into initial problem.

Formats: In person and online.

Theologate: There are two schools of thought at the Athenian School of Philosophy, the essential and existential. Each program a certificate as well as an option for certification. Students first purchase a Benedictine program for one year, four months, and twenty-six days ($4,250); and paying $1250 for a lifetime subscription that will allow them access to restricted pages. Secondly, purchasing an Aquinian program ($7,500); and, paying $2,500 for the ability to make contributions following their Spiritual Exercises and gain notoriety and fulfill requirements to become Authors. Finally, students may either apply for membership in our society and/or association (This school and courses are currently under development).

1. $1,250: Subscribers;
2. $2,500: Contributors;
3. $3,750: Authors;
4. $5,000: Editors;


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Our approach to counseling as:

1. An Art,
2. and a Science.
3. Methodology


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Philosophers Press LLC.
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Mail: 32 N Gould St., Sheridan, WY 82801
Corp: +1 (307) 200-9692
Hours: 8am to 6pm, PST.
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1. Biblical
2. Theological
3. Philosophical
4. Psychological
5. Behavioral


We practice strategic biblical counseling that is informed by peer-reviewed journal articles and supported by evidence based mixed research methodologies. My action research practice is short term, bibliotherapeutic, holistic, spiritual, and explicitly christian.

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We identify a person’s theology and identify worldly views that need to be reconciled for Christians are in the world but not of it as opposed to antichrists who are in and of the world. One may believe the are Christian but are actually only so in name only. Because of this, one is opposed to oneself.. .

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We use the Socratic method to view my clientele in their primary, secondary, and tertiary contexts through a framework of axiological, epistemological, and ontological lenses .. .

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We practice psychology as a science and not as an art as so many are mistakenly led to believe can be artistically practiced.

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We conduct advanced studies in human behavior using original and action research, and using applied behavioral analyses to inform clients in effort to transform maladaptive into adaptive behaviors .. .

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All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16).

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